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President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Visits Cuba

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President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Visits CubaHAVANA, Cuba, Jan 31 (ACN) The President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, PhD in Physics Anton Zeilinger visited on Wednesday in Havana the headquarters of the Cybernetics, Math and Physics Institute (ICIMAF).

Zeilinger expressed his interest in carrying out research projects of common interests and strengthening the cooperation ties between the institutions of both countries after meeting with the ICIMAF Director Roberto Rodriguez Morales.

The Director of the Application Technologies and Nuclear Development Center (CEADEN), Angelina Diaz Garcia was also present in the meeting, reported the specialist of Social Communication of the Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies Agency, Eleonaivys Parsons Lafargue.

They exchanged with the young people on possible international cooperation projects between the ICIMAF and the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna.

Zeilinger is a physicist known for his contributions in science and his center promotes research related with humanities in several areas.

The center's creation is included in the Imperial Patent of May 14th, 1847 and since 1960 is considered the main institution in the field of basic non university research.

The ICIMAF has results in the investigation and scientific and technology services in cybernetics, math and physics in addition to management and execution of research, development and innovation projects.

Vienna is the site of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), with which Cuba has five national cooperation projects tied to key issues for social-economic development.

One of them is the formation of human resources to assimilate the nee technologies of diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other chronic non-transmittable illness.

They work in the creation of installations for the modernization and reparation of imagery machinery like the Gamma Chambers that will allow a determined level of recovery without the need of looking for the provider.

In case of the industry, the recovery of the irradiation technology in laboratory scales, experimental and industrial research have continued with the objective of applying for the sterilization of products and medical supplies and in agriculture to extend the period of food conservation.


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