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Role of Science Evaluated in the Socio-Economic Development of the Country

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HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 11 (ACN) A representative of the country's scientific community coincided on Thursday on the important role of science, technology and innovation for socio-economic development.

The new president of the Academy of Sciences, Dr. Luis Velazquez Perez said on Thursday during the televised Round Table program highlighted the importance of major integration in the sector.

Velazquez Perez urged for an expansion in cooperation among academics, associated young people and institutions that specialize in Agrarian, Fishing, Techniques, Natural and Exact, Social and Humanity as well as Bio-medic Sciences.

Regarding the strategy in professional training, he proposed an increase in the number of PhD's at an early age to develop research of national interest and its priorities.

He praised in the moral, patriotic and ethical commitment and loyalty to Fidel of the academics to achieve for Cuba to continue being a country of men and women of science, in allusion to the words of the leader of the Revolution in 1969 at the Royal Academy of Medical, Physics and Natural Sciences of Havana.

Velazquez took the Presidency of the Cuban Academy of Science at the end of December after the retirement of its former President Dr. Ismael Clark Arxer.

Other guests that appeared during Thursday's Round Table program were Drs. Angelina Diaz Garcia and Marisol Freyre Feijo, Directores of the Technological Applications and Nuclear Development Center and Researcher of Plant Biotechnologies, respectively.

Also, Dr. Nicanor Vina Davila, Researcher of the Eastern Center of Ecosystems and Biodiversity located in the province of Santiago de Cuba.

The Day of Cuban Science was instituted in the country in 1990 on occasion of the 30th anniversary when the leader of the Revolution Fidel Castro defined the role of sector in the country's socio-economic development.


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