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Despite hardships, Cuban economy will grow, says official

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 12 (ACN) Cuba faces a complex international scenario marked by the tightening of the US blockade at scales never seen before, but continues to bet on the growth of its economy, said Juan Carlos Prego Regalado, First Vice President of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), exclusively to ACN.

Such tension is evidenced in the persecution of companies, the limitations of the main lines that affect the development of the country as is the energy issue, which not only touches the part of Cuba but Venezuela, he said.
But we are determined to maintain that growth because we have many reserves of efficiency to exploit in terms of food production, foreign investment, the way to develop these processes from the production chains, said Prego Regalado.
He also referred to the financial measures recently taken by the Cuban government, such as the salary increase of the budgeted sector, an important part of the nation's labor force.
He stated that unlike what some might misinterpret, the current situation the country is facing is not a return to the so-called Special Period because conditions are not the same.
Currently there is a development of tourism, biotechnology, a strong investment process is underway in key sectors such as energy, from renewable energy sources, in foreign investment, with the Special Zone for Mariel Development, he added.
All this, he said, will result in the economy can meet the forecasts for growth of Gross Domestic Product expected for the current year.
The first vice-president of ANEC pointed out that it is undoubtedly up to the members of the organization to contribute to this development.
We recently concluded an VIII Congress where such situations were analyzed in a medullar way, which have become a roadmap for the solution of the country's economic problems, as exhorted by the President of the Councils of State and Ministers Miguel Diaz-Canel.
At the ANEC national meeting, the president stated that the economy is the fundamental battle not only for the intensification of the blockade, but also because the country will never renounce the aspiration for it to be prosperous and sustainable.
He insisted that when we say Somos Cuba, Somos Continuidad is not an empty slogan, but to reaffirm the commitment to seek, develop and apply whatever initiative the people generate to avoid the return of deficiencies and difficulties.
The challenge is to integrate all actors and forms of ownership and management present in the economic and social environment, increase renewable sources of energy and exports, make investment processes more efficient, cut chains of non-payments, strengthen the negotiating capacity and modernize the banking system, he said.
He stated that efforts and resistance are not useless, and insisted on the urgency of getting rid of inertia, indolence, obstacles, bureaucracy, lack of sensitivity and sloppiness.
Times of struggle await us, but also of hope, of conquests and victories, he said at the closing of the event.


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