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Cuban and US IT entrepreneurs meet in Havana

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HAVANA, Cuba, Sep 4 (ACN) Representatives of several companies participate in the Business Forum in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) between Cuba and the United States in order to strengthen ties and create collaboration.

The event brings together representatives of the Informatics and Communications Business Group (GEIC), the Cuban Telecommunications Company (ETECSA), the Cuban Postal Business Group (GECC), and leading North American entities in the sector such as Transfer To, S3, Liberty Latin America and C&WN.
Rubén Ramos Arrieta, vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, highlighted during the opening ceremony that the event becomes a space for business exchanges on the development of computerization in Cuba and opens possibilities for the development of projects of interest between both parties.
Thanks to the initiative, the knowledge of trade policies is put on the table to help find together the best ways to achieve the most appropriate mechanisms in the possible negotiations, said Ramos Arrieta.
He commented that ICTs have become an essential tool to promote economic and social transformations, and that Cuba does not escape this reality.
The process of computerization of society in Cuba prioritizes the use of the Internet in education, health and scientific and cultural development, he said.
In this sense, he said that the population coverage of the cell phone signal is estimated at 85.5%, with more than 5.5 million mobile lines, of which 2.5 million can access the Internet.
The official noted that the results shown by the sector in recent years have been achieved in the midst of a difficult economic situation on the island, motivated largely by the tightening of the blockade imposed by the United States and the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, which seeks to discourage Cuba's economic relations with other countries.
Despite these pressures, the Caribbean nation is determined to move forward and continue to advance in the process of updating its model of economic and social development, where the use of ICTs plays an important role.
To this end, the state has proposed to strengthen the development of telecommunications infrastructure and the industry of computer applications and services, which can help the diversification of economic relations abroad and the recognition of the essential role of foreign investment.
In his speech, he also pointed out that Cuba defends that ICTs should be used to achieve economic and social development, promote peace, knowledge, eradicate poverty and social exclusion, and not as instruments to promote war, interventionism, destabilization, subversion, unilateralism and terrorist actions.
On the basis of this principle, the forum was organized, which, in the opinion of the speaker, constitutes an excellent space for interaction between Cuban and U.S. businessmen in the communications sector that will allow them to share ideas and exchange on present and future challenges.
The initiative is the result of collaboration between the Ministry of Communications and the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, and although events have been organized previously to address the issue, it is the first time that a business forum has been held between the Caribbean nation and the United States dedicated to the sector.


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