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Cuban gvt will sell solar heaters to large power consumers

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0827-calentadores-solares.jpgHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 27 (ACN) The Cuban government will start a experiment when it will sell solar water heaters of national production and 90 liters of capacity to private large power consumers in Havana city.
This is an experiment that the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) will carry out for a period of one year in this territory, reports the Juventud Rebelde newspaper today.
Resolution number 100 of 2019 signed by Minister Raul Garcia Barreiro, published this Monday in the Official Gazette states that the sale is intended for large consumers of electricity in the residential sector in the capital.
The experiment will be conducted by the National Office for the Control of Rational Use of Energy (Onure), an entity attached to Minem and which will be the rector of the study, and the corporation Copextel S.A., the business group of Electronics, belonging to the Minister of Industries.
The initiative is inscribed within the projections of the perspective development of renewable sources and the efficient use of energy both in the generation connected to the National Power Grid, as in the reduction of the energy demand of the consumers.
The procedure for the commercialization of the heaters was approved by the Ministry of Interior Commerce (Mincin), the governing body for these tasks, through Resolution No. 105 of 2019, signed by Armando Rivera Nogareda, the agency's first deputy minister.
It states that wholesale distribution for marketing is carried out through Copextel S.A., which at the same time will be in charge of retail marketing at its points of sale.
Copextel S.A. will offer warranty and after-sales services in the workshops of its integral technical service centers, and if necessary in the workshops of provincial personal, technical and home service companies.
Mincin established a one-year commercial warranty on equipment; and Minem mandated that customers are entitled to replacement equipment for manufacturing defects.
As part of the experience, Resolution No. 364/2019 by Minister of Finance and Prices (MFP), Meisi Bolaños Weiss, established the price in Cuban pesos (CUP) for 90-liter solar water heaters with their installation accessories.
The equipment will cost 2,945 pesos (roughly 125 dollars); installation and assembly, 181 pesos; complex maintenance, 197 pesos; and repair, 181 pesos.
The MFP also established the rates for technical visits for the installation of solar water heaters by Copextel S.A. personnel.
The technical visit at short distance (up to 12 kilometers) will cost 11 pesos, and the long distance (more than 12 kilometers) will be charged by weight for each kilometer traveled.

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