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June Saturday

Cuban cigars are 100% natural: officials

 Cuban cigars are 100% natural: officialsHAVANA, Cuba, Jul 4 (ACN) The process of Cuban cigars, from the seedbed to the rolling of the cigar, is one hundred percent natural and has the technology necessary to do so, said in Havana Justo Luis Fuentes Diaz, president of the business group TabaCuba.

In a press conference, the director announced that despite the effects of the blockade imposed by the United States, the tobacco development program on the island continues to advance and production is designed to favor in every way the quality and naturalness of Cuban tobacco.
TabaCuba works with the scientific and technical support of the Tobacco Research Institute (IIT) which, with more than 70 years of experience, ensures that all activities carried out in the agricultural, pre-industrial and industrial phases of tobacco production are adequate.
Amaury Borges Miranda, scientific director of IIT, explained that during pre-industrial processing, the only liquid added during fermentation is water in order to activate the strains of microorganisms that live in the leaves.
In curing, by controlling temperature and humidity, the necessary time is used for the chemical and physical transformations to occur naturally, without forcing the process, said Borges Miranda.
By the end of May 2019, tobacco exports in Cuba had surpassed 8.3 percent and revenues 10.9 percent, and it is expected that these levels will be maintained in the coming months, reported Justo Luis Fuentes Díaz, president of TabaCuba.
Leopoldo Cintras González, vice-president of Habanos S.A. referred to the fact that 2018 was an unprecedented year for them in terms of commercial results, with a growth of seven percent above 2017, which demonstrates the strength of the 27 brands of cigars sold worldwide.
We will keep Cohiba alive," he said, "with the highest and highest quality of Cuban tobacco, since of the total sales of Habanos S.A., those of this brand represent 23 percent.
There has been significant growth in the Latin American and Caribbean market, the Brazilian market, specifically, is estimated at three million units, and exports to that country represent less than one percent of the company's total, he said.
Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, banned on July 1 the sale of Cuban tobacco under the Cohiba brand, which is considered the best in the world, arguing an alleged "excess of sorbic acid (a natural organic compound used as a food preservative in its form of mineral salts).
However, on the same day, Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency acknowledged that it had misinterpreted the Cohiba tobacco formula and the situation had already been regularized, Fernando Teixeira, director general of the South American giant's cigar importer Emporium Cigars, told Sputnik.
The results of agricultural production in the country exceed 30,000 tons in the last three seasons, a figure that compared to 14 previous years, almost doubles, the directors reported.

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