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June Friday

Another 15 thousand Cubans join the private sector

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 21 (ACN) The number of self-employed workers in Cuba was 595,559 at the close of the first quarter of the year, 14,731 more than those reported in December 2018.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, of that number 32 percent are young people, 35 percent are women, 14 percent are salaried workers and 10 percent are retired.
By the end of April there had been 148,796 registrations, of which 55 percent are concentrated in Havana, Matanzas, Villa Clara and Holguín, in the activities of transportation, beauty services, producer or seller of various articles and contracted worker.
At that stage, 60,596 people returned their licenses, with a greater incidence in the activities of food, artisan, bricklayer and contracted worker, originated at their own request and at the request of the National Office of Tax Administration, for non-compliance with tax obligations.
Among the most representative modalities are the preparation and sale of food (nine percent), the transportation of cargo and passengers (eight percent), the rental of housing, rooms and spaces (five percent), telecommunications agents (five percent) and hired workers (25 percent), basically associated with the first two activities.
The information provided by this Ministry explains that the integral supervision directorates, together with the entities that issue the authorization, examined the applications of 9,567 self-employed workers, a mandatory requirement for the granting of the license in 12 activities.
According to the text, 97 per cent were found to be in compliance with what had been declared at the time of the application, while in the gastronomic service activities in cafeteria and landlord of housing, rooms and spaces, the greatest difficulties were presented.
On December 7, modifications for self-employment in Cuba came into effect as part of the policy for the improvement of this form of employment that represents about 13 percent of the employed in the country.

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