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Cuban economist discuss local development

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Cuban economist discuss local developmentHAVANA, Cuba, Jun 13 (ACN) As part of the working session in commissions of the VIII Congress of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), which began on Wednesday in Havana, the context of local development in Cuba was analyzed.

Carlos César Torres Páez, director of the Center for Management Studies, Local Development, Tourism and Cooperativism of the University of Pinar del Río, commented before delegates and guests to the meeting on the current existence of factors that favor such processes.

He recalled that from the governing documents of the economy, the territorial variable is incorporated as a strategic thematic axis and, therefore, the capacity that these spaces have to generate structural transformations.

The new Constitution also means a step and a qualitatively superior stage in favor of the processes of local development management, from the recognition of municipal autonomy, explained the official.

He pointed out that it has been seen as a small group of projects, often centered in the social sphere or in the basic activity of services; however, it is necessary to understand it as the possibility of identifying potentialities to transform valuable sectors for the country such as agriculture, tourism, renewable energy and industry at a local scale.

Torres Páez stated that Cuba has a rich experience in this area and important elements to show to the world, especially because of the way in which the link between government structures, universities - science, technology and innovation - and professional structures or organizations linked to strategic economic sectors has occurred.

Local development is a process that must be built in a participatory manner, which requires the leadership of local governments, and the articulation of different actors, territories, and levels of management, he said.

Among the main existing problems are the contradictions between the conception and the central planning process and the demands of local development, as well as the need to advance in the professionalization and institutionalization of its management.

In addition, there are insufficient capacities for the identification, management and evaluation of projects and their financing, and there is no official professional structure in the municipal and provincial government to deal with such processes.

In a context of municipal autonomy, where it is recognized that local development becomes a focus of government management, it is necessary to prioritize professional structures, reaffirmed Torres Páez.

Regarding experiences carried out in the national territory, he mentioned the city of Cienfuegos and Holguín with a proposal for a science and technology park.

He pointed out that there are some that go towards the management of agricultural productive poles that close value chains, others in function of the management of sustainable local tourism products, linked to the territorial management of the process of internationalization of the business system, the promotion of foreign investment, and computer products in line with the government and electronic commerce.


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