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Cuban Minister of Economy: it is necessary not only to resist, but to develop the country

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Cuban Minister of Economy: it is necessary not only to resist, but to develop the countryHAVANA, Cuba, Jun 13 (ACN) Alejandro Gil, Minister of Economy and Planning, told the delegates and guests at the VIII Congress of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC), that in the midst of the tense scenario of the national economy it is necessary not only to consider resistance but also the possibility of developing the country.

He asserted that as the highest authorities have expressed, the economic battle continues to be the fundamental one of the country, and those who work in the sector must understand that they are in the first trench of combat and that together they must make it prosperous and sustainable.

He ratified that the nation possesses potentialities, and in the middle of the restrictions and the intensification of the blockade, growth and development can be guaranteed due to the existence of human capital, a national industry that can be exploited more, in addition to commercial relations with many countries.

In this battle ANEC plays a fundamental role because in economics there can be no improvisations, there must be study, scientific rigor and research, he said.

When updating the delegates on the progress of the national economy, he reminded them that the 2019 Plan is flexible, it traces the road map but it is not a straitjacket.

He pointed out that it must be recognized that in recent years there has been a trend toward increased imports, which has an impact today, for example, with animal feed for pigs, which caused potholes in production and marketing.

Gil referred to the need to promote production chains, and said it is important to encourage them with financial mechanisms.

As for local development projects, he insisted on the essentials of making the most of the endogenous resources of the territories and that in those cases importation is the last option.

Regarding investments, the owner of the sector explained that in many cases there is a divorce between feasibility studies and real yields, which is counterproductive for the national economy.

Gil said that any contribution from ANEC members to put the money where it yields the most is a practical contribution to the country.

He stressed that for the 2020 Economy Plan the support of economists and accountants is essential, and explained the priorities for the coming year, including activities related to food production, housing programs, transportation and computerization, as well as financing national industry.

According to the Minister, in order to elaborate them, each work group must make proposals based on identifying their needs and potentialities in a realistic and objective manner.


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