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EU provides protection to its entrepreneurs if US applies Title III of the Helms Burton Act

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EU provides protection to its entrepreneurs if US applies Title III of the Helms Burton ActHAVANA, Cuba, Apr 17 (ACN) In the event that Title III of the Helms Burton Act is applied, the European Union (EU) has endowed itself with antidote legislation, a Council regulation that ensures the protection of its citizens and entrepreneurs, Alberto Navarro, EU ambassador to Cuba, explained in Havana.

Just as countries such as Canada, Japan and Mexico have done, European citizens have the obligation not to collaborate and the possibility of claiming against those companies that have asked for compensation for alleged use of properties confiscated in Cuba, he said.
That is the position that the EU has maintained, which is ratified by sending a letter this week to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, asking him to respect the agreements in common to move forward and avoid something that will harm everyone, said Navarro.
We - he said - as the EU think that foreign investment helps create jobs and prosperity, which is why we are taking measures to favor it in Cuba.
However, the final objective pursued with this law is to create confusion and make businessmen not want to invest in Cuba, under the pretext that there are more and more difficulties for financial and commercial transactions, but the position of this political community is to defend the interests of its citizens at all times, said the ambassador.
Navarro recalled that all EU member states vote year after year in the United Nations against the blockade, as they consider this extraterritorial application illegal and contrary to international law.
He also explained that for him it is also immoral since in 60 years the only thing that has contributed is suffering to the Cuban people, and has not contributed in any way in the advance towards democracy and human rights.


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