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June Thursday

Díaz-Canel tours Mariel Special Development Zone

Díaz-Canel tours Mariel Special Development ZoneHAVANA, Cuba, Jan 14 (ACN) The President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel, toured this Saturday morning several works being carried out in the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM), where he could see progress made in this leading project of the country to attract foreign investment during the year that just ended.

Substantial progress in infrastructure materialized in 2018, mainly in relation to roads and other networks, while continuing to work on the preparation of plots for the establishment of users.
As explained during the visit, they guarantee the basic services of water and electricity supply, as well as sewerage and communications, all of which is the responsibility of the Integrated Project Management and the Mariel Construction and Assembly Company.

As the first point of the tour, the President visited the facilities of the Food Processing and Distribution Center (CEDA), a work begun in September 2017 and completed in October last year.

With a capacity to prepare 10 thousand food portions a day and the same number of snacks, the center was created from the increase in the demand for food, essentially from the construction force that works in the ZEDM, and is equipped with high technology systems, with a high degree of automation.
In exchange with some of the workers there, most of them young graduates of our universities, Díaz-Canel wanted to know details about the civil engineering work carried out, the possibilities of improvement, salary and attention to men, among other issues.

Then, the Cuban president went to the building occupied by the Spanish company ProFood, with 100% foreign capital, dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of food and beverage products for the hotel industry, where he could appreciate the finishing process of some assortments.

The investment there was recently concluded and in the coming weeks should begin production and marketing for the domestic market, especially for the network of stores and tourism, which should also benefit the substitution of imports.

As a novel element was highlighted the completion of several contracts with Cuban companies that will provide both raw materials and finished products, which must be adapted to the requirements of ProFood and international quality standards.

In this sense, he insisted on the importance of chaining with the national companies each one of the productive processes that so deserve it, in such a way that the potentialities of our industry in the different lines of elaboration are taken advantage of.

At the construction site Diaz-Canel was able to appreciate the construction work being carried out in the CIGB-Mariel Biotechnology Industrial Complex, 100% Cuban capital, and so far the largest work established in the ZEDM, which is expected to start up in 2020.

This facility, which will be attached to the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, will guarantee the production of state-of-the-art biotechnological products, intended both for export and to supply the national health system.

A total of 43 users had been established in the EMZ by the end of 2018. Seventeen of them are in operation and 30 are in the investment process, which is due to the fact that some have begun to operate simultaneously with the execution of the works.

In this year that is just beginning, crucial for Cuban economic development, at least six new projects must be put into operation, which will be added to those already completed and which should not only contribute to the substitution of imports in the country, but also encourage national companies to further develop our potentialities.

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