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May Saturday

Private farmers cover 90 percent of tourist food demand in Cuban province

SANTI SPIRITUS, Cuba, Dec 12 (ACN) Given the growing demand to further reduce imports, 75 producers in the province of Sancti Spíritus this year have assumed about 90 percent of agricultural supplies to the tourism sector in this region, one of Cuba's main tourist areas.

Escambray newspaper reports that through the Unidad Empresarial de Base Frutas Selectas Sancti Spíritus the tourist facilities have received, essentially, vegetables, fruits and food, all under demanding quality requirements that are closely followed by the Agriculture and the Ministry of Tourism itself.
In statements to the newspaper, William Diaz Dueñas, director of the entity, said that due to the economic restrictions of the country, in recent times has been strengthened the task of supplying this sector, hence the territory has had to appeal for greater stability in deliveries.
He stressed that in the year that is about to conclude almost all orders of carrot, beet or cabbage - assortments that were usually imported – were produced domestically, which in turn requires a daily monitoring of offers and deliveries.
Except for citrus and some carrots, the rest of the lines are located among the specialized producers of this central territory, including the installation of protected crops La Quinta, he said.
The official clarified that in order to assume the claims of the current high season which extends until the first months of 2019, a staggered sowing plan was set up and there is a guarantee of packaging for marketing, while the implementation of a development program and recovery of the company has provided it with greater conditions.
As part of the infrastructure improvements, a freezing tunnel with a capacity of 40 tons was installed and the benefit room for agricultural products was built. According to the report, this action facilitates compliance with quality standards and expands processing possibilities.
The province of Sancti Spíritus is recognized in the Island for its agricultural potentialities and the goodness of its lands; but to possess two of the first villas founded in Cuba and great landscape and cultural attractions, the constant presence of national and foreign tourism forces to continue diversifying the offers and to gain even more in its quality.

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