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Changes in legal regulations do not mean setbacks in self-employment

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Changes in legal regulations do not mean setbacks in self-employmentHAVANA, Cuba, Dec 6 (ACN) Margarita González Fernández, Minister of Labor and Social Security, stressed in Havana that changes in the legal rules for self-employment do not mean setbacks, but part of a process of improvement.

In the Roundtable television program, broadcasted this Wednesday night, she said that the objectives of the new regulations include eliminating irregularities and strengthening the control system.

She stressed that Cuba will continue to give great importance to this form of work, important as a source of jobs and to increase goods and services to the population.

She said that, from July to November 2018, training and exchanges were carried out with self-employed workers, from which variations to the rules were adopted, disclosed for the first time on July 10, 2018.

According to her, as of the entry into force on December 7 of Resolution No. 24/2018 of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, natural persons may be authorized to engage in more than one activity, as long as they comply with the regulations.

She explained that the different activities, carried out by the same person, cannot imply contradictions, so, for example, a landlord of housing, rooms and other fixed spaces may also provide food services, including beverages.

Marta Elena Feitó Cabrera, deputy minister of Labor and Social Security, said that no more licenses will be given for some activities, such as truck drivers.

She clarified that there will be no limit for the total number of children to be cared for, which will only depend on the capacity of the place, that is, it must be at least two square meters per infant.

Meisi Bolaños Welss, deputy minister of Finance and Prices, said that some activities will require business bank accounts to show cashflows, including gastronomic services in restaurants and cafes, those of landlords, rooms and other fixed spaces, and transporters with capacity to move four to 14 passengers.

Vladimir Regueiro Ale, director general of Fiscal Policy of the Ministry of Finance and Prices, added that this process of reorganization of self-employment will continue to involve monthly tax payments, payments to accounts of a tax liquidated, usually at the end of the year, by affidavit.


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