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Cuban ranchers will collect 28 million liters of milk more than 2017

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Cuban ranchers will collect 28 million liters of milk more than 2017HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 9 (ACN) Although far from meeting the country's demand, the Livestock Business Group (GEGAN) of the Ministry of Agriculture, is on track to surpass in seven million liters of milk plan for 2018, announced one of its directors.

It will grow by 28 million liters compared to the previous year, said Juan Carlos Gonzalez Torrecilla, first vice president of that entity, after leaving inaugurated the First National Fair of Livestock, which until Sunday 11 will take place in the Rancho Boyeros fairgrounds.

He said that despite the lack of resources and logistics there are advances, "and we have even proposed towards 2030 a strategy aimed at continuing to grow every year, and that this translates into greater satisfaction of the population.

The executive stressed that a milestone in the development of this branch will mark the recent national meeting in Camagüey, with the country's livestock companies and a representation of all forms of production, and chaired by José Ramón Machado Ventura, Second Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party, and Salvador Valdés Mesa, First Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers.

There were defined 17 directives in which livestock should concentrate attention to produce more milk and beef, when there are few resources but there are investment possibilities and above all we have many practical knowledge, said the director of GEGAN, a group which owns 44 companies spread across the country and 1,500 productive bases, among these dairy and breeding centers.

According to González Torrecilla, the priorities today are the planting of pastures and fodder, the concentration of cattle in barracks when necessary, guaranteeing water, promoting reproduction through embryo transplantation, making greater use of protein plants, and resorting more than ever to science, technology and innovationall without damaging the environment and in tune with the Task Life.

Precisely encouraging results in these and other directions, new experiences and practical knowledge bring to the First National Fair of Big Cattle little more than 30 cattle companies and about 80 producers from all over the country, including representations of the business groups Forestry, Agricultural and Labiofam, also from the Ministry of Agriculture.

After the opening of this event, and in company of directors of the sector, the Hero of the Republic of Cuba Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo toured areas of the Rancho Boyeros fairgrounds, where bovine specimens (with 12 races and crosses), buffaloes, equines and mules are exhibited.

The purpose of the meeting is to contribute to raising livestock culture, expose the main technological advances of the branch, and train technicians, producers and specialists through conferences and workshops.

Demonstration clinics will also be held in which insemination in one day will be taught, milking and cleaning routines will be performed correctly, and there will be competitions for milk and beef production and rodeo.


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