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Seminars for self-employed will begin in Cuban municipalities

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Seminars for self-employed will begin in Cuban municipalitiesHAVANA, Cuba, Aug 21 (ACN) Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, member of the Political Bureau of the Party and General Secretary of the Cuban Workers' Confederation (CTC), announced in Havana that municipal seminars on new regulations for non-state labor will soon be held throughout the country.

The worker´s leader told Cuban News Agency that this process has just been completed at the provincial level and now at the municipalities they will continue with the personalized notification to each self-employed worker of their rights and duties, and the scope of the rules.

Although the process took a whole year to complete because a group of activities had been paralyzed since the previous summer, new legal norms have just come out that contextualize the necessary changes and ensure the ordering of these forms of management, recalled Guilarte de Nacimiento.

It is a question of incorporating practices and demands that these workers had with the experiences of these years, and it also adds a legal basis that supports the transformations, said the secretary general of the CTC.

"It is very important that we recognize that there is no halting of non-state work in the country, there is no definition of going backwards in what we have done," he said.

There is simply a case of organizing what we have achieved up to now, which is going to favor the development of non-state labor in the country under a legal framework, he said.

In his opinion, this will contribute to reducing procedures, to favoring their agility, their legal system and also the financial and economic control of the traceability of income and taxes that these workers have to pay, he concluded.

According to Granma, in October 2010 when the process of expansion and improvement of self-employment began, as recognized in the Conceptualization of the Economic and Social Model and in the Guidelines, 157,371 people were working in Cuba in this form of management and up to last May there were 591,456, which represent 13 percent of all workforce in the country.

Among the most representative activities are the processing and sale of food, the transport of cargo and passengers, and the rental of housing, rooms and spaces.


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