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Hotel Playa Giron to Increase Capacity in 2019

Tamaño letra:

ZAPATA SWAMP, Cuba, Aug 8 (ACN) Hotel Playa Giron, located in Zapata Peninsula is to increase its capacity before September of 2019 with the beginning of a restoration process this summer of its 118 cabins that has been closed for over 15 years.

The Director of the installation founded in 1961, Loliesky Lobelles Garcia told ACN that this is the only hotel belonging to the Zapata Swamp Comprehensive Tourism Company that offers the all-inclusive modality with a special design for families and loyal clients expected to increase after the investment process.

The warehouses already has the necessary materials for the restoration process of the 118 cabins, said Lobelles Garcia. There are only details left to begin the construction work at the end of August and expected to conclude before September of 2019 when the hotel will be the site of the Tourism and Nature event (Turnat).

There are currently 164 cabins being used in the high season by the national market residing in the southern region with competitive prices, professional personnel and a stable work force ready to increase the quality of service.

The Vice Sales Director of the company, Orervys Leon said that the investment is sponsored by the tourism sector and as the rooms are concluded, they will be available for the clients, although the goal is to finish with the whole installation for TURNAT.

Leon said that they will have more comfort in the rooms and although many prefer the hotel for their vacation, we must always think of improving the service.

Those that select the hotel will soon have two new productions: the coal route and the path towards victory, related with history and the tradition of the largest and the best conserved wetland in the Caribbean.


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