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Las Tunas is Busy Constructing Homes

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LAS TUNAS, Cuba, Jul 18 (ACN) The current increase and development of the mass movement in the construction of homes in Las Tunas province responds to a program directed at solving the pending cases of families that lost their homes during the impact of hurricanes.
Out of the over 80 thousand homes that were damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008 (13 thousand 600 totally collapsed), solution has been given to almost 72 thousand and 87 percent of those affected by Hurricane Irma last September have been solved, according to the Director of the Housing System in the province, Jose Ruben Pena Rosello.
The directive said that there are 10 thousand pending cases and to conclude what is left will depend on the organization and volumes of material generated in 14 construction of homes centers that work in eight of the municipalities in the province.
Last year 203 cases were concluded, however in the first six months of the current year, the figure has doubled and over 700 should be finished by the end of December.
Pena Rosello added that there is a plan of one thousand 300 for 2019 which will be sustained with the reinforcement of the centers and increase in the mini-industries that produce the materials to reach a total of 28, five more than the current total.
The popular movement in the construction of homes continued to increase in Las Tunas, not only in the communities, but also in companies, like the Comandante Francisco Cabrera Steel Structures that are preparing the conditions for the construction and to repair homes of its own workers.
Within the development complexes, Blanca Rosa stands out in municipality of Majibacoa which already has 20 homes concluded through the use of local materials like bricks, blocks and concrete tanks, plastic pipes, mosaic floors, etc.

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