Havana, Tuesday 23 de October de 2018 08:28 pm

Disposable Diapers Plant to be Constructed in Mariel

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 2 (acn) The Cuban-Italian ARTHIS S.A. joint venture and new client at the Mariel Special Development Zone will construct a plant dedicated to producing disposable diapers for babies and adults, articles that is imported by the island.
According to Solangel Guach Martin, Business Director of the Italian company, this is an association between Cuba’s NEXUS S.A. Mercantile Society Industries and Italia’s LR Moroni S.R.L.
The installation will have first-rate technology, with several lines of production and diapers destined for children in four sizes and three in the case of adults.
Guach Martin added that the investment will be done in two years and the plant will begin in 2019.
The contract will be valid for 20 years, he said and it represents an opportunity to insert high quality products at competitive prices in the Cuban market to cover the expectation of the family.
According to official statistics, the disposal diapers for children and adults are imported.  The new investment will constitute a significant contribution in the substitution of imports for the country and will respond to the current Cuban demographic dynamics.

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