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Agricultural Products Protected Before Arrival of Hurricane Irma

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Agricultural Products Protected Before Arrival of Hurricane IrmaSANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, Sept 6 (ACN) Workers of the agricultural and animal sector in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba are protecting the production of food and cattle before the arrival of Hurricane Irma and complying with the Alert Stage.

According to the Provincial Defense Council, root vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural products were collected to prevent any loss due to flooding or strong winds.

Representive of the Agriculture Ministry William Hernandez told ACN that they collected root and green vegetables in the main productive centers and were delivered to the city to sell to the population.

To preserve the beans the campesinos and producers collected over 11 thousand cans of ripe coffee.

Cattle were moved to safe areas, secured covered cultivation houses, technological machinery for irrigation, tractors, trucks and windmills were dismantled in cooperatives and farms, while the small industries are preparing to process fruit if necessary.

Specialists work to preserve the chicken industrial unit and collect the eggs, said Hernandez.

Authorities saw the constant trucks coming and going in the distribution of products to the markets, in addition to hospitals, evacuation sites, maternal homes and senior citizen centers and protection of coastal areas.

Katiuska, sales representative of the entity explained that they are receiving agricultural food from other provinces and they are willing to work for 24 hours if necessary in order for the population to have what they need for them to consume during the days of the hurricane.

Work is also underway in cleanup and cutting of tree branches to avoid any damage to the electricity and telephone lines.

The population that live in buildings in the urban center have been tying tanks and covers on the roofs in face of the strong winds.

Bertha Portuondo, homemaker, highlighted how she reinforced the doors and windows with wood and advised everyone to do the same.


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