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Public transportation in Cuba grew 4 percent till May

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 11 (acn) By the end of May, 85.7 million people were transported in Cuba, a four percent growth over the plan for the period, said Luis Ladron de Guevara, an official of the Ministry of Transport (MITRANS by its Spanish acronym).

Ladron de Guevara, explained that in 2017 the incorporation of 480 Diana buses is planned for all the provinces; half of them have already been delivered.
He mentioned the program of acquiring 100 buses for national travels, and reported that 90 percent of the long distance routes are now being made by new buses.
The reorganization of the taxi service in Havana, with journeys linking hospitals and areas of high concentration, is another of the measures adopted, and only the cars going from San Agustin to Fraternidad Park move daily an average of 7,800 passengers, he said.
He pointed out that the Workers' Transportation Company intends acquiring 253 cars this year, which represents an impact on the population, as it will also provide service to that sector.
Leonardo Naranjo, deputy for Santiago de Cuba, commented that despite the government's efforts in this regard, the state sector is not in a position to fully respond to the service demand, hence the importance of increasing control over private carriers.
They need to be given more attention because their prices are exorbitant, and not just in Havana, he noted.
Another issue debated at the afternoon session was the result of measures to strengthen the port-transport-home-economy chain with emphasis on the basic basket, and in this regard there were reported investments to increase refrigeration capacities for the storage of fresh products, as well as repairs of ports and docks.

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