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US administration punishes company for buying fuel for Cuba

Tamaño letra:

US administration punishes company for buying fuel for CubaHAVANA, Nov 26 (ACN) In another action against the Cuban people in its policy of genocidal blockade, the American government announced today sanctions against another Cuban economic entity, this time the Corporacion Panamericana.

According to Cubadebate, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) from the US Treasury Department blacklisted this company, accused of being used by Cubametales as an intermediary for the purchase of Venezuelan oil.
Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, Justin G. Muzinich, said in a statement released on the official website of that Department that "Cuba has played a direct role in hindering the return of democracy to Venezuela.
Last July, President Trump's government imposed measures against Cubametales, the company responsible for guaranteeing total imports and exports of fuels to and from Cuba, as part of a plan to block the arrival of fuels to the Caribbean island.
As a consequence of the sanctions against Corporacion Panamericana, the assets that the company may have under American jurisdiction are frozen, as well as the ban on financial transactions with U.S. entities.


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