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August Sunday

Diaz-Canel: Putting the socialist state enterprise in the right place

Diaz-Canel: Putting the socialist state enterprise in the right placeHAVANA, Cuba, Nov 21 (ACN) President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, said during with the Governments that there has been insufficient reaction capacity in the implementation of the measures approved to improve the management of the socialist state enterprise. The obstacles that hinder this management are always questioned, but today there is more agility in the presentation of measures that facilitate than in their application.

At the Havana Conventions Center, the President explained that though steps have been taken to remove red tape by providing financial and economic incentives, there is still slowness in the relations with tourism, foreign investment, the non-state sector.
"The importing mentality stops us, because it is easier to import than to be thinking about production, because they have to be managed, it takes thought, incentives, structures to serve them, creativity and that is what can lead us to solid companies with true sovereignty," he said.
In Díaz-Canel's words, "we need to execute everything that is approved and we need to demonstrate the viability, the success of the state-owned company as a fundamental entity of the economy.
And all this, he said, has been done in a particularly complex scenario of tightening of the blockade, financial persecution, coupled with the tense political situation in the area. Hence the importance, he emphasized, of maintaining unity, not allowing fractures or give way to interference or manipulation.
During the meeting, the President reiterated the need to continue with an adequate ideological work in the workers' collectives, while underlining the work of the Government Boards as representatives of the State before the business sector: "their function is not to carry out tasks, but to lead processes. It is a question of evaluating, proposing, without space for the diversion of resources, the botched jobs...".
In his recommendations, he returned once again to the role of the cadres, and pointed out that it is necessary to identify the best prepared; and he also referred to the need to sustain the commitment to savings measures implemented to overcome the fuel crisis, which has affected the country.
Nor did he overlook work guidelines that have become priorities: address municipal self-sufficiency, the cold sowing campaign and the sugarcane harvest; strengthen support for tourism, strengthen university-government relations, housing policy, continue the fight against fuel theft, as well as further exploit the potential of e-government by the business sector.
"If the companies take better advantage of the approved measures and comply with these indications, we will be thinking like a country; and that is the most exalting way to celebrate the 61st anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution.

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