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US Blockade prevents Cuba from buying parts for thermoelectric plant

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US Blockade prevents Cuba from buying parts for thermoelectric plantMATANZAS, Cuba, Oct 31 (ACN) The US blockade on Cuba affects the acquisition of technical equipment and spare parts at the Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE), Roman Perez Castañeda, a senior specialist in the plant's investment group, told ACN.
Perez Castañeda declared that with the inauguration of President Donald Trump in 2017, the possibilities of establishing commercial ties with companies and obtaining payment facilities in banks based mainly in Europe were greatly reduced.
Each major part costs millions of dollars and currently there are few companies and banks that negotiate with Cuba, the latter demanding direct payments to the products, without the possibility of agreeing the liquidation through contracts, the specialist added.
For his part, Misbel Palmero Aguilar, technical director of the plant, recalled that since 2014 the CTE is looking for alternatives for the replacement of outdated parts, after the purchase by the U.S. General Electric Company of the French corporation Alstom, designer of the Guiteras and main supplier.
Palmero Aguilar also pointed out that the U.S. blockade of fuel ships destined for Cuba forces the Guiteras to remain in line for long periods of time in inefficient conditions, which causes excessive fuel consumption and deterioration of the facility.
The blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba since 1962 has caused damage to the Cuban economy estimated at more than 138.843 billion dollars, according to a report that Cuba's government will present to the UN General Assembly in November.

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