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May Saturday

Only unity can save us, says Diaz-Canel at NAM Summit

Only unity can save us, says Diaz-Canel at NAM SummitHAVANA, Oct 25 (ACN) Only unity can save us, we are more, let's do more, asserted today the Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel when speaking at the 18th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) held in Azerbaijan.

They have the power of arms, we have the power of people, said the Cuban leader, who proposed to the participants to be aligned but only around their consensus.
Not to war, yes to peace; not to hegemonism, yes to multilateralism; not to meddling, yes to sovereignty; not to exclusion, yes to inclusion; not to hatred, yes to solidarity; not to the control of the world among the powerful, yes to the true freedom and democratization of the United Nations and international relations, he added.
Once again, as in 1961, it is essential to work together, sticking to the founding principles of Bandung, for peace and development of people because it is our responsibility as politicians and because nobody will do it for us, Diaz-Canel explained.
He stressed not to be indifferent to the open contempt of the United States and other governments for the just claims of the nations of the South, to the politicization of human rights and the flagrant disregard for the right of people to decide their political, socio-economic and cultural systems, or to the lack of commitment to multilateralism and international treaties.
The Cuban leader thanked the Movement for its historic position of condemning and rejecting the US blockade imposed against Cuba and the Helms-Burton Act, and stated that against all human logic of coexistence in respect for differences, the blockade tightens every day.
Let's not wait until bombs fall over Venezuela or Cuba, as they have already fallen over Syria and before that over Iraq and Libya, Diaz-Canel Cuban continued.
The Cuban president reiterated his support for the constitutional President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and the Nicaraguan government while congratulating President Evo Morales on his re-election in Bolivia.
He recognized on behalf of the Cuban people the work of the Venezuelan Presidency at the head of NAM in midst of the most difficult and toughest circumstances under the imperial political harassment, and agreed to offer full support to Azerbaijan's work in the triennium 2019-2021.

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