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US blockade, main hurdle for Agenda 2030, Cuban FM says

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US blockade, main hurdle for Agenda 2030, Cuban FM saysHavana, Sep 26 (ACN) Bruno RodrIguez, Cuba's Minister of Foreign Affairs, denounced today that Cuba has been a victim for almost six decades of the blockade imposed by the United States, which is the main obstruction to the implementation of Agenda 2030.

The foreign minister addressed the high-level political forum on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at the United Nations, where he said that the U.S. government aims to freeze the nation's economic development and cause hunger and discouragement among its population, to reach political concessions, Prensa Latina reported.
In addition, the White House also aims to hinder South-South cooperation projects between Cuba and numerous countries to improve the health conditions of millions of people, as evidenced by the recent attacks on Cuban medical missions abroad, especially in Venezuela.
"Cuba is making progress in complying with the SDG: thanks to the efforts made, our country has social indicators similar to those of developed countries," Rodriguez posted on his twitter profile.
He also noted the urgent need to count on the real political will of developed States to help others, since four years have passed since the adoption of Agenda 2030, but the prevailing international order continues to be unjust, unequal and exclusive.
Contrary to what was referred to in Agenda 2030, unconventional and conquest wars are spreading throughout the world, Rodriguez said, calling for a change in this unjust situation, which benefits few and harms thousands.
In that sense, the the Cuba diplomat recalled the words of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz: "cease the plundering philosophy and will stop the war philosophy.

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