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Diaz- Canel backs appeal against fascist wave in Venezuela

Tamaño letra:

Diaz- Canel backs appeal against fascist wave in VenezuelaHAVANA, Cuba, Sep 4 (ACN) Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, President of the Councils of States and Ministers, expressed on Twitter his support for the Cuban intellectuals' appeal against the fascist wave attacking Venezuela.

The Cuban leader expressed in the message he made public through the social network that the intellectuals propose to articulate efforts against the fascist wave attacking Venezuela. Hands off Venezuela, we are Cuba.
The Cuban chapter of the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity (REDH), joined, through signatures and voices, the international posture that denounces the blockade and the brutal campaign of the United States against the homeland of Bolivar.
Omar Gonzalez ratified, on behalf of the Cuban chapter, the solidarity with Venezuela, which Adan Chavez thanked in the first place, who recalled the role of Fidel and Chavez in the conformation of the network.
Venezuela is today the first trench against the fascist wave and the Network now has the urgency of working to articulate the efforts of all the people worthy of this world that is the majority.

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