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Cuban and Kenyan Health Ministers discuss efforts for the return of kidnapped doctors

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Cuban and Kenyan Health Ministers discuss efforts for the return of kidnapped doctorsHAVANA, Cuba, May 6 (acn) Kenyan authorities are making intense efforts, in collaboration with the Cuban government, for the safe return of the two Caribbean doctors kidnapped since last April on the border between Kenya and Somalia.

José Angel Portal, Cuba´s Public Health Minister, stated on Twitter that in a new conversation held with his Kenyan counterpart, he ratified the intensity of the efforts made by the African authorities in this regard.
The Cuban Public Health Ministry informed last April of the kidnapping of two Cuban health collaborators who provide their services in the county of Mandera, in Kenya.
According to the official note, the doctors are named Assel Herrera Correa, from the province of Las Tunas, and Landy Rodriguez Hernandez, from Villa Clara province.
Cuban government authorities immediately established channels of communication with the Kenyan authorities to address this situation, while keeping informed the collaborators´ family.
Likewise, a government working group has been set up to follow up on this sensitive issue.
The Cuban medical collaboration with Kenya began in June last year and involves 101 doctors who perform their work throughout the African country.

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