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Cuba creates manual for Post-Disaster Housing Construction

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Cuba creates manual for Post-Disaster Housing ConstructionHAVANA, Cuba, Apr 16 (ACN) A Post-Disaster Housing Construction Manual received an award, during the Provincial Hall of Architecture and Urbanism, sponsored by the National Union of Architects and Construction Engineers of Cuba (UNAICC) in eastern Cuban province of Guantanamo.

The study was presented before a jury of the Architecture Society of the mentioned social-professional organization, presided by the Doctor in Technical Sciences Maritza Espinosa Cala, Titular Professor of the Faculty of Construction of the Universidad de Oriente.
Its author Eliab Caleb Hermosilla Moreno, architect of the Design and Engineering Company Genedis, explained to the ACN that the basic housing cell proposed by her arose as a result of the effects of Hurricane Matthew on tens of thousands of homes in five Guantanamo municipalities in early October 2016.
She clarified that this cell composed of a rigid nucleus, blocks and heavy roof, with a double bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen-dining room, is capable of resisting the shocks of medium intensity earthquakes, higher than those reported in this part of the archipelago.
Apart from the possibility of resisting discrete quakes, it allows to protect the properties and resources of those who inhabit them, to face hurricanes, an impossible option in wood typologies and less consistent.
The head of the jury praised the social and economic impact of the study, with a level of generality applicable to rural housing in seismic areas prone to disasters. "The study was in line with the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations, and the economic plan of the Republic of Cuba until 2030.
Other award-winning works dealt with interior design, urbanism in the Guantanamo community of Cecilia, and the positive impact, social and quality of local construction materials.


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