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Cuba receives Japanese trucks for waste collection

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 2 (ACN) A donation of 24 solid waste collection trucks was delivered on Monday to Cuba by Japanese companies Hino Motors and Kyokuto Kaihatsu Kogyo, with the purpose of helping the capital arrive at its 500 years cleaner and renewed.

Kazuhiro Fujimura, Japan's ambassador to Cuba, reported that this is a first batch and in the coming months will reach more to complete the hundred teams.

Japan," he said, "collaborates with several countries to face the problem that constitutes today's garbage and therefore we hope that this donation will have a great impact on Cuban society and the environment.

Ramón Torres Rosa, vice-president of the Provincial Administration Council of Havana, thanked them for the help they receive from the Asian nation, in the middle of the blockade and the restrictions imposed by the United States on the Caribbean country.

Odalis Acosta Montesino, director of the Provincial Unit for the Collection and Final Distribution of Garbage in Havana, said that prior to the start-up of the equipment, training courses were held with the workers who will operate them.

This is a help for the city to speed up its cleaning work and to improve environmental hygiene considerably, she said.

At the official ceremony, presided over by Reinaldo García Zapata, member of the Central Committee of the PCC and president of the Provincial Assembly of People's Power, the keys of the trucks were symbolically handed over to the drivers who will be in charge of their operation from now on.

Diplomatic relations between Cuba and Japan were re-established 90 years ago and, after the triumph of the Revolution, they have been intensifying in different areas of society.

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