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Collaboration between Cuba and Iran will further consolidate both revolutions

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Collaboration between Cuba and Iran will further consolidate both revolutionsHAVANA, Cuba, Feb 8 (ACN) The strengthening of collaboration between Cuba and Iran will not only bring progress in our relations, but will further consolidate our two Revolutions, Kambiz Sheikh-hassani, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Cuba, said in Havana.

In an exclusive interview with the Cuban News Agency (ACN) he referred to the fact that they are two nations very distant geographically, but that they have had revolutions with many similarities; such as having achieved triumph with the support of the people, and having taken the administration of the country into their own hands.
Two countries," he said, "that also unfortunately from the very beginning faced the enmity of the powers, above all of the same enemy, imperialism, for which the ideology or geographical zone in which you find yourself is not important, since as soon as you oppose their designs and criteria, you will face their enmity in a quick way.
If you study the 40 years of revolution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the 60 years of the Cuban Revolution, you will realize how many similarities there are in terms of the actions and lies against them," said the ambassador.
Collaboration between Cuba and Iran will further consolidate both revolutions
From the political point of view, in the international sphere, Cuba and the Persian country have had excellent relations, interaction that has been supported with the exchange of delegations at the highest level, he pointed out.
In the economic sphere, in recent years, we have also made great efforts to achieve progress with the promotion of various projects, especially in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, agriculture, energy, medicine and drug production, said Sheikh-hassani.
The ambassador also said that these two nations have common goals and histories, so they have the task of helping each other.

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