Havana, Monday 17 de June de 2019 04:52 pm

Cuba and Venezuela sign three cooperation project contracts in Havana (+Photos)

Tamaño letra:

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 14 (ACN) During the closing of the XIX Meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission Cuba-Venezuela, held today at the Havana Conventions Center, contracts were signed for three of the projects included in the Cooperation Plan for 2019.
In the presence of Ricardo Cabrisas, Vice-president of Cuba's Council of Ministers, a document was signed for the deepening of educational policy within the framework of the Second Socialist Plan 2013-2019 and the revolution of knowledge, science and technology in the Venezuelan Basic Education Subsystem.
In addition, a project was signed for the training of technicians, provision and advice for electromedical technical services in the network of the Ministry of People's Power for Health; and another to develop capacities for the production of inputs and agro-supports in urban, peri-urban and family spaces, through accompaniment and technical assistance.
Ricardo Cabrisas, in pronouncing the closing words, recalled that this meeting is being held under the Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement signed by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez on October 30, 2000.
He stated that the 2019 Collaboration Plan includes 22 projects, which will impact on nine sectors of economic and social development in both countries.
Although 90 percent of the resources that will be destined to its execution will be oriented to the strengthening and development of the services of health and production of medicines, also the presence is maintained in other activities like the urban agriculture, education, culture, sport, electrical services and formation of human resources, he clarified.

Cabrisas assured that for the conformation of the plan the principle of orienting the projects to highly priority objectives and with real capacity of the parts to execute them with efficiency and rationality was taken as a starting point.
He stressed the full and unconditional solidarity of the government and people of Cuba with the Bolivarian Revolution, and reiterated the rejection of unilateral coercive measures that hinder the management of the government and the economic development of Venezuela.
He also wished success in the new term that will begin next January for President Nicolás Maduro, to whom they will offer unalterable support.
Delcy Rodríguez Gómez, Executive Vice President of the South American nation, stated that this is a decisive moment for both peoples and that it is not only a question of signing a document, but also the burden of the committed work of two peoples who united in the legacy of Martí and Bolívar to be free and to defend their independence.
She specified that when reviewing the balance of the cooperation of the last 18 years 220 thousand collaborators of the largest of the Antilles that have arrived in Venezuela can be counted, for which they feel a great gratitude.
We are signing not for a military base, we are doing it so that Cuban collaborators bring health, education, culture, support in electricity and sports to the Venezuelan people, she said.



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