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Over 8 thousand traffic accidents in Cuba till October

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Over 8 thousand traffic accidents in Cuba till OctoberHAVANA, Cuba, Dec 12 (ACN) More than 8,200 traffic accidents happened in Cuba from January to October, a contradiction with the existing system to counter them and which demands the urgent and greater attention of all.

Exactly 553 people died from these causes and there were 6,293 injured, informed to Cuban News Agency Colonel Roberto Rodriguez Fernandez, Head of the National Direction of Transit of the National Revolutionary Police.

Although there is a slight decrease compared to the similar period in 2017, we are still a long way from what can be done, particularly to increase the perception of risk, warned Rodriguez Fernandez at a meeting at the General Directorate of the PNR.

He suggested in this sense that the family, society as a whole can make a decisive contribution to road safety education for children, adolescents, young people and the elderly, as well as agencies of the Central State Administration, which have the maximum obligation under Law 109, Road Safety Code.

He warned that the main reasons for the collisions are reiterated, including not paying due attention to the driving of the vehicle, disrespect for the right of way and speeding, which caused 57 percent of them, 45 percent of the dead and 54 percent of the injured.

He exemplified the fact that the human element is the most responsible, if he loses his concentration as a driver when driving while talking on his cell phone, lights a cigarette or tobacco, talks to his companions or places a compact disc in a player.

Also, ignoring the right of way, stop signs, giving way, changing paths or lanes, making inappropriate turns, increasing speed, especially when the pavement is wet or slippery, the lack of risk perception of pedestrians and drivers, bad roads, aging vehicle fleet, among other factors.

He reiterated that even when material resources are important, in a country like ours with economic limitations, the human factor plays the preponderant role in containing the problem in order to continue working later on its reduction.

Statistics show that 60 percent of all the dead and injured are pedestrians, and 68 percent of the victims were between the ages of 21 and 56.

A curious fact, he added, is that the majority of accidents occur during the day, on roads with adequate conditions, in urban areas and residential sectors, while what most crashes are car, followed by motorcycles and bycicles.

Our country has a Strategic Plan for the period 2018-2030 with a view to reducing by 50 percent the accidents, deaths, injuries and economic losses they cause, in order to achieve an effective inclusion of road safety education at all levels of the education system, develop actions in communities with new practices, procedures and incentives and increase spaces for debate and dissemination, said the official of the PNR.

These practices, he said, should lead us to rank among the countries with low accident rates, if social policies and comprehensive development programs are taken into account, basic services in the education and health sectors, to which 51 percent of the state budget is allocated.

Rodriguez Fernandez announced that in coordination with the National Road Safety Commission, a strengthening in December of measures against road indisciplines, because this month there is a greater concentration of people for the holidays at the end of the year to coincide with the school break.

Initiatives in this regard include the increase of agents in more complex places and times, with certified equipment for recording alcohol consumption, speed radars and surprise inspections at bus terminals, and control measures at points of embarkation.

BREAKING NEWS: at the time of writing this note, December 12, reports of an accident in eastern Cuba arrived. A bus overturned when the driver avoided collision with a man on a bike. The accident left three people dead and 30 more were hospitalized


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