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May Saturday

Cuba: Popular consultation on new constitution ends

Cuba: Popular consultation on new constitution endsHAVANA, Cuba, Nov 15 (ACN) The popular consultation on the draft of a new Constitution for Cuba concludes this Thursday, after 14 weeks of meetings in neighborhoods and work and study centers, a process in which thousands of foreign residents also participated.

Different national media reported the successful culmination of the analysis of the text, which began on August 13 in the country's 15 provinces and represents a total reform of the Constitution in force since 1976.

The new text includes changes in the structure of the State, the expansion of individual rights, the recognition of the market and private property, and the strengthening of grassroots popular power.

The document ratifies the irrevocable character of socialism in the largest of the Antilles and the leading role of the Communist Party in its society.

According to preliminary data, more than seven million Cubans participated in the consultation called to enrich the new Carta Magna approved on July 22 by the National Assembly of People's Power.

During the process, around 1.5 million interventions were made, with more than 560,000 proposed modifications, nearly 30,000 additions and some 38,000 eliminations.

The Secretary of the Council of State, Homero Acosta, assured that all the opinions of the population are taken into account in the mechanism of processing and analysis of the information derived from the process.

According to Granma newspaper, today concludes one of the most genuine and transcendental processes of citizen participation experienced by Cuba in recent years, the popular consultation of the Draft Constitution that mobilized the entire country.
The Cuban people, points out Juventud Rebelde newspaper, concurred not as a simple assistant but to give their free and effective contribution, knowing that their opinions would be collected and taken into account in the elaboration of the project.

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