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Cuban Nursing is a reference for the world, says international expert

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Cuban Nursing is a reference for the world, says international expertHAVANA, Cuba, Nov 12 (ACN) Erika Caballero, from Chile, member of the International Council of Nursing (ICN) recognized that Cuba has a solid work in primary care, promotion and prevention and in the management of social determinants, which are a reference for the world.

Caballero, who participated in the XVI Pan American Colloquium on Research in Nursing, which was held in Havana with more than one thousand representatives from 22 countries, told the Cuban News Agency that this has contributed to raising the health indicators of the inhabitants in Cuba and other countries where it has collaborated in this field, especially in the region, she emphasized.

She thanked the Cuban government for its help in sending health personnel, particularly nurses, who have been present in Chile after earthquakes.

This has made it possible to appreciate the difference in care and the impact on the population, emphasized the interviewee, proud to participate in the great event and to exchange with professionals from different latitudes and to be able to visit health institutions in the communities.

When contrasting the reality of Primary Health Care (PHC) in the region, the Chilean expert pondered Cuba's results in this field and stated that in other nations progress has not yet been achieved and they behave at different levels.

The CIE official who attends to Latin America and the Caribbean pointed out that although the Declaration of Alma Ata is synonymous with health for all since the year 2000, very recently there has been an awareness of the importance of social determinants in our nations, she remarked.

In the opinion of the international expert, the conditions in which people are born, live, develop and die are basically dealt with, and this influences their health situations.

She clarified that it is not only to have a good health and nutrition system, but also to determine ecology and the environment, among other conditions that determine health.

In other countries they are very focused on hospitalization, on medicine and not on the aspects of health promotion and prevention, she reiterated.

For this reason, to rescue the principles of Alma Ata is to renew this option for families and communities, and to have people at the center, I think it is the right path for any nurse, she said.

She described the Colloquium as excellent and expressed her impression of the level of nursing in the region, as it has been growing in quantitative and especially qualitative scientific research, she said.

The debate of the Nursing Networks that took place as part of the colloquium was very enriching, the fact of having these institutions that unite the countries of the region to good practices and research has been key for the development of the specialty, she concluded.


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