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Diaz-Canel says IT professionals are vital for computerization of society

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Diaz-Canel says IT professionals are vital for computerization of societyHAVANA, Cuba, Oct 4 (ACN) Cuban Miguel Díaz-Canel described as decisive the participation of the members of the Union of Informaticians of Cuba (UIC) and all the professionals of that sector, in the process of computerization that is taking place in the country.

During the closing on Wednesday of the First Conference of the UIC, in Havana´s Conventions Center, the Cuban president considered that currently computer scientists are integrated, active, dreaming but also creating, which is vital for the nation.
About UIC, he stated that it is a Cuban civil society organization that is consolidated as it comes of age, with the fundamental task of uniting the professionals and technicians of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) around the main transformations taking place in the country.
Díaz-Canel recognized that UIC members do not stop to think about what they contribute today, but rather demonstrate their willingness and commitment to contribute and participate more, all of which is an example of their support for the computerization process.
He described the conference that ended on Wednesday as a space to debate on the aspirations and dissatisfactions that exist, and to strengthen the meeting and collaboration in all areas, state or not, so that we can work together with a common goal.
In front of more than 350 delegates and guests, the Cuban President acknowledged that UIC has stimulated local initiatives, has created spaces for integration, and has also focused its efforts on training and knowledge management.
He affirmed that Cuba is making progress in the proposed process of computerization, which ratifies that the country is really committed to this and that it is not denying connectivity or access to the Internet, as portrayed by some.
The president pointed out that the Revolution has formed an important talent and human capital, which is a fundamental link in the country's aspirations in these areas, and assured that the process of computerization of society begins to produce signs of impact on the growth of the economy, as happens in economies around the world.
He stressed that the process of computerization is a priority of the Cuban State, for this reason, for example, the ICT sector was approved among the strategic sectors for the nation's efforts until 2030.
According to the president, the main goals of the computerization process being developed in Cuba are in electronic government and electronic commerce.
He also said that as the computerization of the country's economic and social activity progresses, it will be necessary to further guarantee cyber security, and urged UIC members to work for the unity of professionals and technicians in the sector, to strengthen its functioning and to provide the necessary culture with respect to this area of knowledge.
He also called on them to strengthen links with universities, generate more training projects and strengthen relations with central government agencies and their government agencies to weave the process of computerization from the local level.
Díaz-Canel urged those present to continue developing national applications and computer solutions, in search of a conscious migration towards free software technologies with national alternatives.
The Union of Informaticians of Cuba brings together more than eight thousand professionals and technicians of the sector, since its emergence about two and a half years ago.


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