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Murillo Says New Regulations Aimed at Putting Private Sector in Order

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Murillo Says New Regulations Aimed at Putting Private Sector in OrderHAVANA, Cuba, Jul 16 (ACN) The member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party and Head of the Commission of the Implementation of the Guidelines, Marino Murillo said on Monday in Havana that the main objective of the policy approved for the improvement of the private sector is to organize its correct development.

Murillo valued the new norms during the first day of a national seminar underway in Havana as part of the training process of the representatives of the institutions involved in the execution of the recent regulations.

The training will be taken to the rest of the provinces and municipalities and will involve over 30 thousand officials and all of the private workers with the objective that the regulations are well known among all before its execution next December 7th.

The head of the Commission in the Implementation of the Guidelines highlighted that the approved policy looks to, above all, for the private sector, as a source of employment exercised legally.

Among the successes of the regulations found in the Extraordinary Official Gazette Number 35, Murillo mentioned the design of a comprehensive control system, on the national, provincial and municipal levels will follow-up the development of the approved businesses in a multidisciplinary way.

According to law, the measures will be in correspondence with the seriousness of the violations and will for the first time, include the definitive cancelation of the activity.

The role of the main entities through its municipal structures were defined and the power of the local governments were expanded.

Murillo reaffirmed that the non-state management is recognized in the documents of the updating of the Cuban economic model and are considered complementary to the country's development.

Since its reopening in 2010 (when some 157 thousand 351 were reported) the number of non-state workers have increased to 591 thousand 456 by the end of May.


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