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Construction of first bioelectric plant in Villa Clara under way

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HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 5 (ACN) The first stage of construction of the bioelectric plant attached to the Héctor Rodríguez sugar mill in Sagua la Grande began in Villa Clara, in accordance with the program established in Cuba to increase the use of non-polluting fuels.

Pedro Alberto Villavicencio, coordinator of the project in the territory, explained to ACN that the construction of these plants near the sugar mills makes it possible to use the bagasse, one of the residues of the sugarcane harvest, to obtain energy at a very low cost.

It is expected that during each harvest this entity will be able to deliver between 13 and 14 megawatts/hour to the National Power Grid, and in the rest of the year a little more, he said.

Villavicencio added that the plant will have equipment from the People's Republic of China´s Haier corporation.

The Villa Clara program includes, in the future, the construction of two more generators, one in Quintín Banderas and the other in George Washington, in the municipalities of Corralillo and Santo Domingo, respectively, he said.

He stressed that these factories are designed to work about 300 days a year, for which, at each site they must guarantee the biomass supply.

The sugar industry is a high consumer of fuel, but for several years in Cuba different actions have been carried out to replace diesel with bagasse, he said.

This policy of saving and protecting the environment includes the installation in the country of some 25 bioelectric plants in the agro-sugar sector by 2027 to generate electricity from sugarcane bagasse and other industrial waste.

The use of these alternative sources is among the most efficient solutions for saving fossil fuels and directly affects the reduction of environmental pollution, the expert said.


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