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Josefina Vidal Rejects Accusation against Cuba in US Congress

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Josefina Vidal Rejects Accusation against Cuba in US CongressHAVANA, Cuba, Jan 9 (ACN) The General Director of the US Division of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Josefina Vidal Ferreiro denounced on Tuesday in Havana the manipulation of some US Senators, headed by Marco Rubio to incriminate –without evidence- Cuba in alleged attacks against US diplomats based on the island.

During a press conference in the Cuban capital, Vidal characterized the session of the Senate Foreign Relations Sub Committee as a political manipulation.

She said that Rubio and others pretend to condemn the Cuban government for alleged health problems that some US diplomats suffered while in Havana.

The General Director of the US Division of MINREX added that the anti-Cuban elements are looking to worsen the bilateral atmosphere between both nations and the region.

She rejected politicizing the alleged incidents and considered the measures adopted by the government of Donald Trump unjustified. The withdrawal of 60 percent of its personnel from the embassy in Havana, almost total suspension of the consular services and the expulsion of 17 Cuban diplomats from its embassy in Washington, with a high cost for the Cuban population and emigration, in addition to the people of the US.

Vidal Ferreiro reiterated that Cuba is a safe, peaceful and healthy country for Cubans, foreigners, diplomats accredited in the country and for the millions of people that visit the country each year, including people from the US.

Answering to a question from a reporter, the Cuban diplomat affirmed that the solution to the problem is in the hands of the US government who based their decision without a single evidence of who or what caused the alleged health issues.

The United States should have advanced and committed with the Cuban side in a rigorous investigation; however, even with the Cuban government facilitating the access to information, the US was not reciprocal, and did not allow the island's experts to interview those affected or the medical personnel that assisted them.

Vidal Ferreiro said that Senators Marco Rubio and Robert Menendez, who co presided the meeting, has a long history of working against improving relations between Cuba and the US.

They have been promoters of legislations that affect the interests of both nations and only benefit a minority which continue to be isolated and have made a living with US aggression against the Caribbean country, she said.

The first victim of the session on Tuesday was the truth, said Vidal Ferreiro, who added that the objective was to impose by force and without evidence an accusation that has not been demonstrated.

She said the declarations of the sessions by the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemispheric Affairs, Francisco Palmieri is unacceptable, who pointed out that "its very difficult" to believe that the Cuban government had no knowledge of who or what caused the attacks due to its security standards.

The General Director of the US Division of the Foreign Ministry assured that the State Department does not have evidence that can allow them to affirm that there have been attacks against is diplomats in Havana, nor that Cuba can be responsible or has knowledge of the actions of third parties. These allegations do not coincide with the conclusions of an FBI report that was leaked to the press.

The FBI has not found any evidence of alleged sonic attacks against US diplomatic personnel in Cuba after months of investigations and four trips to Havana, reported on Monday Associated Press.

The three representatives of the State Department that participated in the sessions also admitted, for the first time, not being sure that the alleged attacks were a sonic aggression as previously stated.

Months of investigations have demonstrated that there is no such attack, said the diplomat.

She reiterated to the national and foreign press that Havana has no responsibility in the reported health issues and Cuba has never perpetrated or will perpetrate, nor allows or will ever allow third parties to act against the physical integrity of any diplomat without exceptions.

The Cuban government knows of its responsibilities and complies in an exemplary manner, she concluded.

The investigation carried out by Cuban authorities, whose results have been made public to the State Department, and specialized agencies concluded that there is no evidence on the alleged incidents and no attacks of any kind have been produced.


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