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Cuba to provide aid in Martinique for Electric Recovery

Tamaño letra:

Cuba to provide aid in Martinique for Electric RecoveryHAVANA, Cuba, Oct 5 (acn) Special forces from Cuba´s National Electric Union will travel to Martinique this week to assist in recovery efforts on that Caribbean island, one of the most devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Lisvanet Rodriguez, head of the Cuban technicians and specialists who will go to that brother country as a sign of solidarity, told ACN that two brigades with technical support are ready to leave for Martinique next Friday , willing to remain on the field as long as necessary.
Meanwhile, Candido Lopez, boss of one of the brigades, said that they still have no idea what they will face in that nation, but they feel prepared due to the experience gained in other meteorological phenomena that have affected Cuba and their daily work.
Although these are the first groups to move to Martinique, other Cuban brigades have been working for days in Antigua and Barbuda, also affected by both hurricanes, and other specialists are expected to be dispatched if necessary.


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