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Young Generation Support the Cuban Revolutionary Process

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Young Generation Support the Cuban Revolutionary ProcessGuisa, Cuba, Jul 13 (ACN) Young students and workers in the province of Granma reiterated on Thursday their support to the Cuban Revolutionary process in the town of Guisa in the eastern Sierra Maestra Mountains where one of the most decisive battles in the last stage of the struggle for national liberation was held.

The representatives of the Provincial Festival of Youth and Students, which concluded on Tuesday, remembered the victory of the Rebel Army on November 30th, 1958 in the region with songs, poems and dialog.

In front of the obelisk lifted on the site where Captain Braulio Curoneaux fell in combat in the famous Battle of Guisa, personally led by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro, the youth stressed that the new generation will never betray the Revolution.

Yumilka Perez, specialist of the Municipal museum of Guisa, explained that during the battle, the so-called "barbudos" (bearded ones) carried out 18 combats between November 20th and 30th and skirmished against enemy battalions to attempt to rescue the troop close to Guisa in addition to frequently resisting to aviation attacks.

The victory was the last of the Rebel Army in the Sierra Maestra and marked the beginning of the final path of the National Liberation War (1956-1958), she stressed.

The First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in the municipality of Guisa, Yolanda Almaguer recalled that the protagonists of the battle were young and were examples of courage and audacity when they defeated a superior enemy in forces and weapons.

The leader urged the younger generation to improve their knowledge of history because it's the only way, she said, to understand the present and construct a better future for the nation.

In statements to ACN, the young Janiu Salazar commented that this visit allows them to feel history, learn the efforts of the barbudos, and feel proud in being inheritors of the patriotic traditions of the eastern region.

The visit to the Hill of Braulio Coroneaux, declared a National Monument is part of the Summer Camp, initiative that began after the Celebration of the Provincial Festival of Youth and Students.


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