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Work on bridge over largest Cuban river continues at good pace

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Work on bridge over largest Cuban river continues at good paceGUANTANAMO, Cuba, Jul 12 (acn) The construction of the new bridge over Toa River, which collapsed on October 5, 2016, due to lashing of Hurricane Matthew, goes on wheels.

Major Germain Veloz, Commander of Simon Bolívar International Civilian-Military Brigade of Rescue and Humanitarian Assistance in charge of the work, told ACN that the execution goes at 25 percent and that only 12 out of the 65 piles that will guarantee the support of the bridge are shy.
He stressed that these initial tasks are among the most complex, and have been satisfactorily overcome, despite occasional and prolonged downpours have slowed them down.
He added that the brigade includes 53 Venezuelan workers that are supported by local personnel, who together work daily since early in the morning to almost midnight.
By the end of this month, the South American nation will send a vessel with 50-meter-long steel beams, belaying pins, fences, and wire nettings, indispensable elements for the next stage in the schedule.
The whole project will need 3,100 m3 of concrete, which is supplied by the modern and automated plant also donated by Venezuela to produce this high-quality raw material that was inaugurated last March 12.
December 22nd is the date set to reopen the bridge that will be 223 meters length, three more than its predecessor; and 11 meters width.

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