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January Saturday

Cuba Foreign Ministry on Most-recently Thwarted Anti-Cuba Provocation

Cuba Foreign Ministry on Most-recently Thwarted Anti-Cuba ProvocationHAVANA, Cuba, Feb 23 (ACN) The Cuban Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Wednesday on a thwarted attempt to mount in Havana a provocation by anti-Cuba circles against the revolutionary government aimed at damaging the country´s international image and current diplomatic relations with other nations.

The statement explains that international media outlets over the past weeks were speaking of the intention by Organization of American States´ general secretary, Luis Almagro, to travel to Havana to be bestowed an "invented" distinction by an illegal anti-Cuba group, which operates in conspiracy with the ultra-rightist Fundación para la Democracia Panamericana (Foundation for Panamerican Democracy), which was set up during the 2015 Panama Summit of the Americas and aimed at using efforts and resources against legitimate and independent governments in Latin America.
The plan aimed at mounting in Havana an open and serious provocation against the Cuban government, encourage internal instability, damage the country´s international image and affect the good pace of diplomatic relations with other countries, the Cuban Foreign Ministry denounced.
The action would bring together OAS secretary general Almagro and other rightist individuals who are part of the so-called Democratic Initiative for Spain and The Americas (IDEA), which has also acted in an aggressive manner against Venezuela and other countries led by progressive and left-wing governments in Latin America and the Caribbean over the past few years, the statement reads.
The anti-Cuba action was also backed by other organizations like the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED, which uses US-government funds to carry out subversion against Cuba, as well as the Inter-American Institute for Democracy, headed by CIA agent and terrorist Carlos Alberto Montaner.
After learning about these plans and based on the laws that support the country´s sovereignty, the Cuban government decided to deny entry in Cuba by those foreign nationals linked to the aforementioned provocation.
As to Luis Almagro, the statement makes it clear that his openly anti-Cuba acts are not surprising at all. In a very short time heading the OAS, he has developed an ambitious agenda against progressive governments like Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador. This period of time has seen the reinforcement of oligarchic and imperialist attacks against Latin American and Caribbean integration and against democratic institutional order in several countries of this region.
The statement recalls and affirms that Cuba will never be again part of the Organization of American States, because Cubans will not forget the lessons learned through history.

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