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Friendship between Fidel and Pierre Trudeau remembered in Havana

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Friendship between Fidel and Pierre Trudeau remembered in HavanaHavana, Feb 16 (ACN) The friendship ties between the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro and Canadian President Pierre Trudeau was one of the debates of the 16th International Seminar on Canadian Studies underway in Havana.

Daina Escobedo, member of the School of Canadian Studies of the University of Oriente referred to the literary creation by Robert Wright and recalled that among many of his books there is one related to the official visit of Pierre Trudeau to Cuba in January of 1976 amidst the cold war.
The Canadian President did not want, as reflected in the book, to change the thinking and work of Fidel, or change his vision, when he visited the Caribbean island, said Escobedo and demonstrated that a dialog of peace was possible despite the most complex circumstances.
Wright, said the university professor, is considered one of the most important Canadian writers and has received a number of literary awards.
During the event, the issue of the diversity of Canadian culture was discussed and its constant struggle for its own cultural identity despite the French and British colonial influence in its literature.
Barbara Couso, professor of the University of Oriente, explained how Canada is marked with the severity of its climate and size with a reflection of its own ethnic and cultural diversity.
Climate, the wildlife of the north and colonial mentality, she said, make up the most recent literature with the presence of issues related with aborigines and myths; French-British relations and the history of the nation.
Today, said the professor, books reflect the nature of the diverse country, life with a border and its position in the world in favor of peace.
Beatriz Diaz, president of the School on Canadian Studies of the University of Havana, sponsor of the event, made reference on how the nationality was formed starting from the wave of immigrants, first of which, the indigenous dates back to over 12 thousand years.
Later, she recalled, the Vikings came in and others from European nations at the end of the 16th century, today, she added, the country has an important working age population whose source has been the constant immigration.
Canada is at this moment a country made up by a rich cultural diversity coinciding manifestations and traditions from China, Japan, Chile, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, Egypt, among others, recalled the specialist.
The International Seminar on Canadian Studies of the University of Havana, which winds up on Thursday is held every year since 2000 sponsored by the Canadian Embassy in Havana and jointly coordinated with the Cuban Foreign and Higher Education Ministries.

In its 16th edition, professors from different universities and departments that participated in the event, in addition to students from the Higher Institute of International Relations, Enrique Jose Varona University of Pedagogical Sciences and Dalhousie University, public institution of Canadian research based in Nova Scotia.
Among the renowned figures that also attended were writers, novelists, essayists and scriptwriter Thomas King and his wife, professor and writer Helen Hoy in addition to


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