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Cuban coffee shows excellent quality in the 2016-2017 harvest

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HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 13 (ACN) The province of Sancti Spiritus has doubled the coffee collected in the previous harvest including a higher quality with the use of 67 percent of the area dedicated to the cultivation thanks to the advancement of a development program.

The close to 270 tons of golden coffee or ready for toasting in the current harvest, largest number in the last decade and figure surpassing the plan, constitutes joy, but also that fact that over 90 percent of the robust variety has been classified as top quality.

Leovaldo Cruz Duardo, harvest specialist in the Provincial Agriculture Office, told ACN that in the case of the Arabic variety (export quality), the 37 tons that were picked has between 0 and 10 percent of flaws, which are the permissible parameters, a demonstration of the work that is applied in this central region.

According to Cruz Duardo, the outcome of Sancti Spiritus are due to the work of the producers in the renovation and rehabilitation of the areas and a more integral management of the plantations and the stability of the delivery of the materials.

In addition, 80 percent of the production surface has young plants that are in optimum conditions at the time, he said, including the favorable price of the grain and training given to the coffee producers. This has allowed not an increase in workers but to prepare them to achieve increasing their deliveries, stressed the specialist.

Cruz pointed out that this harvest is distinguished by its improved industrial yield in both varieties (robust and Arabic); while, he said, up until now some 10 thousand square meters of the drying areas have been repaired to avoid any imperfections of the grain.

The coffee harvest in Sancti Spiritus lies in the municipalities of Trinidad and Fomento's mountainous areas. According to the development program the 2016-2017 period only represents 40 percent of what was expected ratifying the potentiality of the territory.

In order to continue increasing the deliveries, Cruz Duardo pointed out that they need a better closing of the plantations, increase the quality of the seeding and the consolidation of the most resistant plants, hike the irrigation areas which are currently too low and improve the program in defense of any plague outbreak.

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