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Day care center in Cuban western region to teach English in the first year of life

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MATANZAS, Nov 20 (ACN) The children's day care center Estrellitas Rojas is the only one of its kind in the Cuban province of Matanzas to teach English in the first year of life, as part of the third Improvement of the National Education System in the country.
Through English word games and the use of electronic tablets, abilities such as listening or visual attention are boosted, which helps to improve muscle control, as well as strengthening different parts of the brain responsible for the understanding of knowledge, the director of the center stated.
Regla Jimenez Almeida, deputy director of the institution, said that to carry out these changes it was necessary to train the educators through courses and create an environment of exchange with the community and family.
This educational improvement allows for a higher level of cognitive development in children, as well as better training them in their future incorporation into the different teachings of the educational system.
Due to the results in the educational perfection, the authorities of the sector project to implement this experience in the rest of the day care centers of the territory.


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