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July Thursday

New US smear campaign against Cuba

HAVANA, Nov. 20 (ACN) For weeks now, the U.S. government has been leading a new defamation and discredit campaign against Cuba as part of its policy of growing hostility against our country.

It drives it in the face of the political failure to surrender Cubans by strengthening the economic blockade and the measures to deprive us of fuel, and in the face of the demonstrated capacity for resistance of our people, who celebrate with optimism the 500th anniversary of Havana.
It uses as a pretext the arrest of the counterrevolutionary Jose Daniel Ferrer, a paid agent in the service of the United States, with a long history of provocative actions against public order and legality.
The US Embassy to Cuba has been the main tool for the attention, guidance and financing of the actions of Jose Daniel Ferrer, in a clear expression of meddling in the internal affairs of Cuba and of open instigation to violence, disturbance and disrespect to the police by this citizen. The head of the diplomatic mission personally leads this activity.
It is well known that, instead of focusing on fostering of bilateral ties, the interests of the American people and its Government, and the development of peaceful relations among States, that country's diplomatic mission in Cuba and particularly its Charge d'affaires have in recent months focused on the failed purpose of recruiting mercenaries, to encourage division and confusion among our people, to identify areas of the economy against which to direct coercive measures, and to try to slander and discredit the management of the Cuban government and the Revolution.
As usual practice, the lie in the words of U.S. government officials is a vital ingredient of the campaign.
Jose Daniel Ferrer was arrested by the police last October 1 in response to a complaint filed by a Cuban citizen, who accuses Ferrer and three other persons of having kidnapped him for an entire night and dealt a severe beating that left him hospitalized.
Ferrer is awaiting trial. He has received visits from his wife and children, as befits his legal situation. All references to his physical disappearance, alleged physical mistreatment, torture or insufficient food are pure lies deliberately conceived and directed by the United States Government and its Embassy to Havana. He has received due medical assistance, regularly does physical exercises and, upon request, is provided with religious advice.
It must be known that before his service to the United States Government, Jose Daniel Ferrer had a criminal record and violent conduct totally absent of political motivations. He has a record dating back to 1993. These include assaults with physical violence on other citizens, including women, and public disorder, behavior that has increased in recent years.
There is sufficient evidence for all of this.
It is not new that the U.S. government uses people of this nature for its subversive political activity against Cuba and for discrediting campaigns with the unscrupulous support of the mainstream media.

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