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Diaz-Canel praises Cuban doctors' work in Bolivia and Ecuador

Tamaño letra:

Diaz-Canel praises Cuban doctors' work in Bolivia and EcuadorHAVANA, Nov 19 (ACN) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez praised today on Twitter the work of Cuban doctors returning to their homeland after offering solidarity in Bolivia and Ecuador.

In this social media, the Cuban leader said that no one will be able to erase the loving labor of Cuba in Bolivia and Ecuador. "It remains as an indelible mark of dedication, human solidarity, saved lives, grateful patients and the eternal affection #SomosCuba #SomosContinuity," he wrote.
Through the same digital platform, Diaz-Canel emphasized that "the people will be the ones to judge those who deny them health and surrender to the failed intentions of the empire to discredit the work of love and solidarity of the Cuban medical missions.
The Cuban Medical Brigade doctors working in Ecuador were forced to conclude their work in that nation, after the government of President Lenin Moreno announced the conclusion of health agreements between the two countries.
Meanwhile, Cuban collaborators in Bolivia were forced to leave the country after the coup d'etat on November 11 against the government of legitimate President Evo Morales, as a result of which four Cuban workers and the head of the medical mission, Dr. Yoandra Muro, were arbitrarily detained and accused of financing violent actions in that nation.

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