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July Saturday

Solar water heaters sales extended to all the population in Havana

Solar water heaters sales extended to all the population in HavanaHAVANA, Nov 19 (ACN) More than 7.000 solar water heaters are available for sale to Havana people, as part of a program to achieve energy independence in the country and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, which includes the sale of this type of technology.

If in previous months the sale of these 90-liter units to the high consumers of electrical energy in the residential sector was announced, now the initiative includes all those interested in the capital, in this first stage of the project to be extended later to the rest of the country.
Erdey Cañate Tejas, deputy director of the National Office for the Control of Rational Use of Energy (ONURE), highlighted the different uses of these devices - manufactured by the Refrigeration Company and Boilers - among which include sanitary hot water, liquid preheating for cooking food, washing and scrubbing.
In a press conference today, he highlighted the benefits of this technology for the environment and for the client, since it saves 40 kilowatt hours, as a monthly average in each home, and reaches 60 to 70 degrees Celsius with the maximum radiation from the sun.
It is a proven system on the island, especially in tourism facilities, while its useful life, with proper maintenance and frequency, is about 15 years.
Cañate pointed out that in case of meteorological phenomena, it is recommended to leave the heater full of water, since it weighs 130 kilograms, and to cover the pipes.
A solar water heater is a device that converts the radiant energy of the sun into heat, which is used to raise the temperature of a recent water, without consuming gas or electricity.
By 2020, some 12.000 such heaters are expected to be produced, with the goal of continuing to help change the nation's energy matrix and relieve the population's demand for electricity and gas.

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