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Diaz-Canel denounces the coup d'etat in Bolivia

Tamaño letra:

Diaz-Canel denounces the coup d'etat in BoliviaHAVANA, Cuba, Nov 18 (ACN) the creation of more than 68.000 fake Twitter accounts to support the recent coup d'etat in Bolivia, and blamed the United States for the destabilization in that South American nation.

"More than 68.000 fake Twitter accounts support a coup d'etat in Bolivia. Shamelessness, fake news and media manipulation to distort realities. #EvoPresidenteLegitimo #EvoNoEstaSolo #SomosCuba #SomosContinuidad", he tweeted.
In another tweet, the Cuban president said on Monday that the U.S. embassy is the most responsible for the destabilization in Bolivia, alluding to a report published today in the daily Granma.
The former Bolivian president warned on Twitter today from the Mexican capital that instead of pacification, the coup plotters are ordering defamation and repression against brothers in the countryside who denounce the coup d'etat.

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