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Diaz-Canel urges to protect physical integrity of Bolivians

Tamaño letra:

Diaz-Canel urges to protect physical integrity of BoliviansHAVANA, Nov. 11 (ACN) Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel called today to safeguard former Bolivian president Evo Morales' life, after he was forced to resign during a coup d'etat.

'A blow to the heart of democracy and the people of Our America in Bolivia,' the Cuban head of state tweeted. In another message, he stressed that Morales' government was the only one to have worked for the poorest in Bolivia.
And in the same social media Diaz-Canel added: "The right wing with a violent and cowardly coup d'etat attempts against democracy in #Bolivia. Our strong condemnation of the coup d'etat and our solidarity with brother Pdte @evoespueblo. The world must mobilize for the life and freedom of Evo".
In mid-October, the Cuban lead warned that the U.S. embassy in Bolivia was working undercover with opposition leaders to support a coup d'etat in that South American nation, being "another case of imperial meddling and threat to destabilize a process that has dignified the Bolivian people with Evo Morales at the head.
Diaz-Canel's words then referred to an analysis material denouncing that vessels full of weapons traveled from the United States, specifically from Miami, to the port of Iquique, in Chile, near the Bolivian border.
According to the material, the U.S. Embassy permanently monitored the flow of weapons and ammunition through secret collaborators, and met secretly with Bolivia's main opposition leaders, who sought to create, through violent actions, a climate of instability in the country.

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